“I cannot speak highly enough of Andy – he has helped me tremendously and given me huge confidence in my finances again. A year ago, (having been given the runaround by another adviser), I literally bumped into Andy and his colleague Peter (whom I have known for 25 years) in town. I was so pleased this unplanned meeting occurred as after discussion, arranged further meetings.

Andy made matters so simple and straightforward as compared to my previous experience with the last adviser who always tried to ‘blind me with science’.

In that year, I have set up two new investments which have not only grown in value, but provided me with much needed and highly tax efficient income – both of which were my prime goals!

Thank you Andy!”

Mr J, Worcester


“Financial planning is something that I had never given due consideration prior to our first meeting sometime ago.

Health is something that we all at times take for granted, however following that meeting it became apparent to me exactly how vulnerable my business was should I ever become seriously ill.

Following the review of current policies some important flaws were noted and brought to my attention, we decided to take new policies out that provided us with much better cover, for the same price.

Following several meetings (of which Andy remained very patient), I am now able to have total peace of mind that my business is properly insured against the usual things such as keyman assurance. We have also arranged pensions through Medical Assurance Bureau Ltd who at the same time have taken into account the changes ahead in my personal life.

I cannot speak highly enough of the professional yet personal and ongoing service that is being provided.”

Mr B, Warwickshire


“I have known Andy for some 15 years, not just through business, but also socially. When it became apparent my bank could not offer me the help and advice I needed to handle my personal savings and pensions, I approached Andy Holland as a person I felt I could really trust. He did not let me down. With increases in value during the good years and careful administration and sound advice through the hard years, he always brought my balance sheet back up to a healthy level.

I have successfully recommended Andy Holland and Medical Assurance Bureau Ltd to some friends and will continue to do so.”

Mr & Mrs E, Worcestershire


“Six years ago I decided that I needed the advice and support of a firm of financial advisers. I met several firms, but opted for Medical Assurance Bureau Ltd on two grounds. Establishing a good rapport as well as recognising perceived trust, integrity and a warmth of character were uppermost. Secondly, I then judged that a small firm would give me personal service ‘on tap’.

Over the past six years the points that I had considered key have been maintained fully, and time has also borne out their level of professionalism.

Andy Holland is an important person for my family. He advises me on the majority of my assets and I have been well pleased, given that no adviser could have produced top rate surplus returns in the past 12 months!

Andy is pro-active and right on top of current trends and financial opportunities.

Medical Assurance Bureau Ltd has been a financial success for me.”

Ms P, Hampshire


“I am absolutely delighted with your service. It is really refreshing to work with a adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way you took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, your depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and your common sense approach. Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect. I gladly recommend your services whenever possible.”

Mr & Mrs D, Worcestershire