How we work

We believe that it is relationships based on trust that will guide your journey through the various financial stages of your life.

We do this by getting to know you and understanding what your life objectives are, as well as when you want to meet these objectives, and what the financial requirements might be to help you to achieve them.

There are five key areas that we feel are important to remember when providing any client with financial advice:

What you can expect from us

  1. every individual client and business is unique and has unique needs
  2. goals are achieved by design, not by accident
  3. taking the time to understand our clients and tailoring advice is essential in achieving success
  4. any plan should be reviewed regularly and if necessary refined to ensure it remains relevant to current circumstances
  5. careful planning helps to anticipate and cater for future events

We pride ourselves on our open, friendly and professional approach and our aim is to help you make the most of your money.

Depending on your requirements we will provide focused advice on a particular area of interest or concern, or conduct a general review of your financial situation. Recommendations are made in clear, understandable terms. All actions taken are documented for your records and administered to conclusion. As life and legislation changes, your financial planning should be reviewed to ensure that initial objectives are still being met. Periodic reviews will be conducted on a mutually agreed basis and time-table.

We generally prefer face to face meetings, as our experience suggests that this is the best way of getting to know each other. It helps us to find out as much as possible about your situation and objectives and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to clarify your understanding of our recommendations. Meetings can be arranged to suit and we are flexible on venue and timings.