About you

If you’re retired, a business owner, a senior executive or professional person, you’ll enjoy the support and advice we provide. At Medical Assurance Bureau we care about the details.

Our clients are comprised of individuals and businesses who:

  • are seeking expert financial advice and / or investment management
  • want help to formulate and maintain a clear financial plan and strategy to make the most of their hard earned money
  • need a sounding-board for concerns or ideas
  • have limited time to manage their financial affairs
  • want the discipline of regular reviews of their finances
  • are seeking a sense of control, peace of mind and financial freedom
  • regard personal service and a trusted relationship as key to working with their adviser

Our clients are of all ages and invariably more than capable of managing their own affairs.

However some clients choose to delegate their financial affairs so they can remain focused on what they’re best at.

Other clients prefer to retain decision making control, using us to provide a professional second opinion on the various investment, pension and tax strategies they elect to pursue.

Regardless of our client relationship, at the end of the day our aim is to keep it simple and remove the hassle factor from their financial affairs.

In general our clients are seeking clarity as to how their retirement journey may evolve. Some may already be retired but regardless the most common issues include:

  • Have I set aside enough to retire / slow down?
  • Will my assets and investments produce enough income to meet my needs throughout my life?
  • I’m about to retire and have I planned enough? Am I doing the right things or could I do things better? I need to make sense of the money I have.
  • I’m time poor and I need some assistance getting organised and staying on track.
  • I want to get things sorted now but also want regular check-ups on how my plan is progressing and whether I should make any changes.
  • What will I actually do to keep myself busy? Will it involve some consulting or non-exec work?